The MoneySense diaries: Khushi, 19

Social science student Khushi, 19, smiles for the camera

MoneySense follows a week in the life of Khushi, a second-year student at University College London studying social sciences. She’s also President of the UCL Personal Finance Society

“Like most students living away from home, it took me a while to adjust to university life and to get to grips with managing my own finances. But then last year I was voted President of the UCL Personal Finance Society. As an organisation, we aim to make budgeting and managing money as a student more accessible. So far, my relationship with money has been fairly stable – London is expensive, so I tend to cook at home most of the time and that saves me a lot of money. I also accept that it’s alright to spend money on things I need or like, and my general expenditure tends to fluctuate depending on how I feel and what my situation is.”

Projected Weekly Budget
Rent (incl. utilities):  £250/week


Groceries:  £20/week


Phone:  £5/week
Travel:  £10/week


Going out and eating out: £15/week


Other:  £5/week

Total: £305/week

Khushi's budgeting tips

Budgeting tip 1

Set yourself a monthly budget for each category of your spending. I slightly overspent on food this week because I topped up some of my bulk grocery shopping – but that means I won’t have to buy those things next week, so it all evens out.

Budgeting tip 2

Don’t worry if your spending does fluctuate. Mine does, as does my relationship with money. I try to remember that managing money isn’t just about numbers, but also how I feel about it – whether it’s helping me achieve my goals or impeding them.

Budgeting tip 3

Remember, it’s ok if there are hiccups along the way. But if you’re struggling to manage your money, reach out – whether to your uni’s Student Funding Advisory or friends and family. Don’t be afraid to talk about money: it’s the best way to learn.