About MoneySense
  • What is MoneySense?
    • MoneySense is a free financial education programme that aims to help 5-18 year-olds in the UK and Republic of Ireland towards a better financial future. It uses the key money moments in a young person's life – starting to save their pocket money, opening a bank account, or getting their first mobile phone – to make learning about money feel relatable.

  • Who created the programme?
    • MoneySense was created in collaboration with educational experts, based on pfeg's financial education planning frameworks. It is provided free of charge by RBS plc.

  • What is the MoneySense approach to financial education?
    • We believe that financial education is most effective when young people are exploring relevant, relatable situations that are tailored to their age and educational development, so these are at the heart of the programme.

      MoneySense utilises a 'flipped learning' approach: this means that young people learn at their own pace by using videos and web interactives at home, then explore the ideas they've covered by interacting with classmates and teachers in the classroom.

  • Who is the site for?
    • There are dedicated areas on the site for four different groups of users: young people can find videos, games and other content to help them discover money; teachers have access to a range of classroom resources for teaching financial education; parents can get involved in their children's activities within MoneySense; and employees of RBS plc can volunteer to deliver MoneySense in schools, and manage their interaction with the programme.

Using the website
Teachers' resources
  • Do the resources link to the national curriculum?
    • Yes, they have been developed according to the different curriculum requirements of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Are they certified by an independent body?
    • Yes, all the MoneySense teaching resources have been independently certified by pfeg. Each topic within the modules has learning objectives and intentions.

  • Is there differentiated content?
    • Resources have been developed for four different age groups:

      • 5-8 year-olds
      • 8-12 year-olds
      • 12-16 year-olds
      • 16-18 year-olds

      Sterling and euro versions are available for the UK and ROI respectively.

  • How much time should each topic take?
    • Each activity within a topic will have suggested lengths of time. These can be found in the lesson plan for each topic. You don't need to complete all of one module to move onto another, content is flexible and can be adapted as you wish.

  • When will new materials be available?
    • We regularly add new content to the MoneySense website – teachers and bank employees can register to receive regular updates about additions to the programme.

  • What is a MoneySense workshop?
    • MoneySense workshops involve specific sets of resources for teachers to use in the classroom, with the support of bank volunteers. Our dedicated MoneySense Support Team will work with you to organise your workshop, and locate nearby bank volunteers who are ready and waiting to come into school to help you deliver a workshop. They are designed to be teacher-led, and supported by the volunteer(s).

      There are different workshops depending on the age of the pupils/students. You can find these on the Volunteer section of the MoneySense website, and you can also find more information about what’s involved, like information packs, and a video.

      You can contact the MoneySense Support Team for more information here:

  • How do I arrange a workshop for my school?
    • If you would like to host a workshop at your school, you can register your interest at or get in touch directly with the MoneySense Support Team. The team are on hand to help coordinate your visit, for you as a registered teacher at a school, and for registered volunteers. Have a think about when you want to hold a workshop, and let the support team know to speed up the process!

  • I am a teacher/work in a school. How can I locate a volunteer?
    • When you register your school’s interest to hold a workshop on the website, the MoneySense support team will be in touch with you to arrange your workshop. They will match your school with registered MoneySense volunteers and help facilitate that process. If you have dates in mind, that’s even better! The sooner we know when you would like to hold a workshop, the sooner we will be able to identify volunteers who can attend.

      Prior to the workshop you should read through the information sent to you by the support team, including delivery notes and information pack. You must also make sure all the workshop resources (activity sheets) are printed off for your class to use on the day.

  • I know someone who wants to volunteer and help deliver a workshop at my school. How do I make this official?
    • If they are registered on the MoneySense website as a volunteer you should get in touch with the MoneySense Support Team and let them know, at Then this can be arranged for you.

  • How do I get in touch with the volunteer once my school is matched with one, either beforehand or on the day?
    • Initially, the MoneySense Support Team is the contact between the school and the volunteer. The team will provide you with as many details as possible, so make sure you are familiar with the instructions prior to the day. You will be given a contact number and encouraged to discuss content of the lesson together before the day of the workshop. It is really important that you speak with them directly, ideally the week before, to plan for the day and talk through the logistics and finer details of the visit. Should you have any problems on the day, you can contact each other directly, but most importantly you should communicate any concerns/problems with the MoneySense Support Team as soon as possible, at

      The volunteer must not be left alone with your workshop group – the teacher leads the session and the volunteer supports the teacher. The volunteer does not require any security checks; however, they should always bring identification to the school on the day.

  • Can a bank employee volunteer come in to school and talk about a specific topic?
    • Bank volunteers help you deliver a specific set of resources, depending on the age group of your class. You can view the workshop resources that volunteers can help you deliver, in the Volunteer section of the website.

      The main classroom resources are available for you to use at any time, and they cover a wide range of topics such as bank accounts, understanding payslips, credit and debt, and different ways to pay. New resources are being added to the website all the time, so keep an eye out!

  • How can I cancel or change a workshop at my school?
    • You should let the MoneySense Support Team know as soon as possible using the contact details. Call the team on +44(0)131 557 0815. That way the volunteer can be informed, and we can help rearrange it for another time.

  • Can I arrange for a group of pupils from my school to visit a bank branch?
    • In the past we have run a number of in-branch activities. However we do not have any currently planned. If this is something you are interested, in you can get in touch with our MoneySense Support Team. Email

  • As a teacher/school, how do I give feedback on a workshop?
    • You can give feedback via a short survey at the bottom of the teacher’s homepage on the MoneySense site, or via the MoneySense Support Team at Your feedback is very valuable to us!

  • How do I sign up as a bank employee volunteer?
    • RBS Group employees (Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Ulster Bank) can sign up as volunteers by visiting the volunteer section of the MoneySense website. The MoneySense Support Team are on hand to help coordinate your visit, for you as a volunteer and for registered schools.

  • Can I request a specific school, or age group (e.g. primary or secondary)?
    • Yes, you can specify these things when you register as a volunteer. The school also needs to register for MoneySense.

  • How is the school matched to me as a volunteer?
    • Our MoneySense Support Team do all the hard work for you – just register on the MoneySense website and our team will match you with a school, or if you have a school in mind we can help you assist in delivering a workshop there. You can let us know which school you would like to visit when you register, or you can get in touch with the MoneySense Support Team by emailing

      We cannot always guarantee that you will be matched with the school you choose, or that the school wants to run a workshop, however we will do our best!

  • What happens after I’ve signed up as a volunteer?
    • Thank you for signing up as a volunteer! You will be contacted by the MoneySense Support Team, who will match you with a school as soon as there are schools registered near you. The team will take you through the process. You can also look at the volunteering workshop resources on the MoneySense website – there you will find a ‘Before your visit’ section and a ‘During your visit’ section. This will help you prepare for your MoneySense workshop.

  • How do I get in touch with the school I am matched with, either beforehand or on the day?
    • The MoneySense Support Team is the contact between the school and the volunteer. However, we strongly suggest that you speak directly with the school/teacher, ideally a week before, to discuss how the workshop will run, and also logistics like location, parking and timings, etc. The team will provide you with as many details as possible, so make sure you are familiar with the instructions prior to the day, and you will be given a contact number for the school. Should you have any problems on the day, you can contact each other directly, but most importantly you should communicate any concerns/problems with the MoneySense Support Team as soon as possible by phone: +44(0)131 557 0815.

  • What support will I have regarding merchandising/stationery?
    • By taking part in a MoneySense workshop the young people participating will receive a goody bag and certificate. These will be sent directly to the school a week before the workshop, once final numbers are confirmed. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to make sure each participating pupil receives a goody bag – make sure you sign the certificates before handing these out. There is also a notebook for you, and a notebook for the teacher which you are to present to the teacher at the end of the workshop.

  • Do I get training as a volunteer?
    • The website is full of resources to prepare you for volunteering at a MoneySense workshop, which you should take time to look through. Here you will find lots of information in the 'Before your visit’ and ‘During your visit’ section, including a video to help you prepare.

      Make sure you take the time beforehand to look at the supporting documents, including top tips and delivery notes to help the workshop run smoothly.

      We also offer audio conference information sessions for volunteers – keep a look out in your emails from MoneySense to find out dates that you can join.

      The teacher will lead the session, and you will support the teacher and the class to work through the activities. You will never be left with the class on your own – the teacher will always be present. You do not need to go through security processes, as you will never be left alone in the school. Remember to take identification with you to the school.

  • Do I need sign-off from my manager to go?
    • If you are volunteering during your normal working hours, you will need to speak to your manager to authorise this. Always remember to get approval from your line manager and make sure you log your volunteering hours through the link at the bottom of the workshop section of the site. It is your responsibility to make sure you are permitted to attend a workshop.

  • What happens if I need to cancel going to a workshop?
    • We strongly discourage cancelling a workshop. If for any reason you need to cancel please contact a member of the MoneySense Support Team one week before the scheduled date of the workshop. However please be aware that cancelling is disruptive to schools who have planned and prepared for your visit. Reasons for cancelling should be emergencies or serious illness.

      Get in touch directly on +44(0)131 557 0815, and email We would encourage you to speak with colleagues to try to find a replacement volunteer if at all possible. Please let the MoneySense Support Team know if you are able to identify a replacement.

  • As a volunteer, how do I give feedback on a workshop?
    • You can give feedback on a workshop through a short survey on the volunteer section of the website – at the bottom of the page you can tell us about your visit, and also log your hours, which should be completed 7 days after your workshop has been completed. You can also provide feedback via our MoneySense Support Team. Your feedback is very valuable to us!

      You can also sign up to volunteer at another workshop too, just get in touch and let us know.

  • How many sessions do I support as a volunteer?
    • You can support as many as you like! Once you have completed your first workshop you can provide feedback to the MoneySense Support Team, and the school will do this too. Then you can let us know where and when you would next like to volunteer, and also recommend volunteering to your colleagues! Email

Contacting MoneySense

If your question is not answered above please contact the MoneySense team and we'll be glad to help.

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